Lifelong Learners

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

Most people spend their summer holiday at cottages, cruises, camping, or trailers. Summer means feeling good about doing nothing.  Turning off your cell to spend the day reading your book, long visits with friends, or sunbathing at the beach.  You are carefree, with the goal to just have fun.
I spent the last 2 years planning my 5-week summer study leave in Taiwan.  I knew I had to immerse myself; body and mind in the Feldenkrais Method®. My friends and colleagues were amazed that I would waste my precious holiday time studying.  But for me, doing the 5-week training was the ultimate recharge that I can never get any other way.
Deborah Bowes, who is a physical therapist and a Feldenkrais® trainer, told me that all Feldys (people who practice the Feldenkrais Method®) are lifelong learners. Deborah created a Pelvic Health and Awareness program.  She was highly motivated because after giving birth to two children, she had problems with incontinence but found none of the known remedies helped.
This month, I will be teaching part of this course that she researched and designed.  If you have an interest in knowing more about this subject, then join me at this Feldenkrais® workshop or send me an email at for a free 15-minute consultation.