“A smile will gain you ten more years of life.” -Chinese Proverb

For the Chinese and many Asians around the world, we get to celebrate another new year on February 1. If you have already broken your new year’s resolutions, you now have another chance.

It will be the year of the Tiger. A time for new beginnings and opportunities. The tiger symbolizes strength, the ability to get rid of evil, and bravery.

Two years into the COVID pandemic, the majority of us have little strength or bravery and lacking hope. We had all hope in 2021 that once we got vaccinated, life would routine to normal.

The recent episode of Brené Brown podcast resonated with me that all of us are not thriving.

So, with another new year, instead of making the typical resolutions, give yourself permission to name your struggle and be kind to all of the service people. Tell your co-worker you’re feeling overwhelmed with virtual work and having sick kids at home.

Tell your best friend that you’re languishing as your overworked and sleep deprived.  Smile at the barista at the drive-through and tell her/him how much you appreciate the cup of coffee.

By first identifying our struggles, other peoples’ struggles, can we support ourselves and others as we brave another COVID year.

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