Surviving is important.
Thriving is elegant.” Maya Angelou

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive: and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style ” Maya Angelou

“Oh, you have such a stressful job. How do you do it?” is a frequent response when people learn that I work at an addiction and mental health agency as an occupational therapist. Yes, my job is stressful but as a professional occupational therapist, my wellness plan includes a daily Feldenkrais® practice. Many of my clients who come to occupational therapy have a stable medical condition and have been told to just learn to live with their disability.  No direction is given to how they are to function-just cope. As an occupational therapist and Feldenkrais® practitioner, I do my best work when other professionals have no more to offer to the client. With each person, I see ability in the disability.  There are many daily activities that you would like to take part in that are meaningful and can bring joy to your life.The majority of people feel their disability prevents full participation in their community. In my Feldenkrais® classes, participants learn how movement is possible with less pain and that movement can be pleasurable. I am inspired by my clients who tell me that with more control of their health through Feldenkrais®, they are able to connect with people and feel they are closer to recovery.

Intrigued? Want to learn how to move more skillfully?  Join me at my upcoming workshops.

“Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except
our belief that they are so.”

Moshe Feldenkrais