“It is only through disruptions and confusion that we grow and are set free, jarred out of ourselves by the collision of someone else’s private world with our own. “ ~Joyce Carol Oates

Life is not very sweet without freedom of choice.” ~ Moshe Feldenkrais

In Kingston, we have been self-isolating for 4 weeks. Each week has brought more restrictions and more uncertainty. During this unprecedented time, I’ve been reminded of an improvisation rule, which I read about in Tina Fey’s book “Bossypants.” Yes, and.

Yes, and” is a pillar of improvisation. Yes is the acceptance principle accepting it as truth. The “and” part of this principle means to build on that set reality.

Tina Fey shared how this rule led her to successes in her career. When she was offered a job at Saturday Night Live in New York City; she said yes. And then figured out how she was going to move from Chicago to New York City. Without her improvisation training, she wrote how she would have made a list of excuses why she had to stay in Chicago and why she was not ready to move to New York City.  I and many people are so grateful she said yes to this opportunity.

“Yes, And: How improvisation reverses “No,But” thinking and improves creativity and collaboration…” ~ Kelly Leonard

All of us have to learn how to navigate our day to day lives differently. Some of us have lost employment, some of us are working at home while home schooling our children, and some of us are feeling more alone. We are all grieving are former normal lives and have to do daily tasks differently. What I have learned from the improvisation rule Yes, and, this rule makes reality more palatable. Kicking and screaming and hating our new reality will make the COVID-19 restrictions seem torturous and hellish.

With all of my extra-curricular groups cancelled, I am definitely using video chats more often. I am so grateful for technology as I can still adhere to social distancing but still stay connected with so many people including new people abroad. Embracing the change although we never wanted this change will make each day a bit easier.  Also acknowledging the grief, we are all feeling. I am sad that my pelvic floor workshops have been cancelled. In the meantime, I have curated some links that you may like. I am definitely doing more Feldenkrais® lessons daily.

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