“Trust in you innate wisdom. Your instincts know what is going on long before you mind has caught up.” –Leon Brown

“The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. Trust yourself. ”–Swedish proverb

“Trust yourself. You know more than your think you do.” –Dr. Benjamin McLance Spock

When we are faced with problems, we start seeking expert advice. We also quite often expect experts to “fix” or “cure” us. With chronic illness, disabilities, there is no cure or the fix is temporary. What is the solution?

We have very big problems, so we need a team of experts to heal us but they often do not. They are often solo practitioners and at times have contradictory advice to each other. Your days are filled with appointments that being ill has become a job. You feel like a failure because you cannot fully follow through with all of the advice and changes to your lifestyle.

In the Feldenkrais® method, we provide you with a way to do research in your own life. Does doing 15 minutes of prescribed exercise increase or decrease my pain? When I have a fight with my mother, does my pain increase or decrease? When my doctor shames me for not doing my physical therapy exercises, does my pain increase or decrease? When I mow my lawn for 2 hours in the heat midday with no break, does my pain increase or decrease? When you know what questions to ask, the more you can trust in yourself and start healing yourself with the tools that are most helpful to you. Only you can change yourself step by step. Positive changes accelerate more positive change.

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