musicians performance anxiety consultation

Susan offers a free 15 min. consultation. Want more clarification of what is the Feldenkrais Method®? Do you want to know how is mental health linked to physical health? As a music teacher, do you know the signs of potential injury? Do you want to be pro-active and teach your students healthy habits to maintain their ability to an optimal level?

At a musician-injuries workshop, Susan was exposed to the Feldenkrais Method®. Susan was enrolled in the four year training to help musicians and singers learn how to perform with less pain, improve their musicianship, and to address their performance anxiety. As an O.T., Susan works to address the whole person, mind and body. She started her career in helping rehabilitate people with neurological conditions and orthopedic injuries.

Musician and singers use their entire body and mind to master their craft. As a professional musician, vocalist, injuries are inevitable with a demanding schedule and stressors that are beyond your control (e.g. major illness, divorce, caring for an aging parent). Susan has created her practice to improve your health and maintain your musicianship. Susan will work with you and/or your music group to create a specific program to prevent and address current injuries.

Susan has given workshops to amateur and professional groups and organizations. Susan can provide consultation sessions on how to set-up injury prevention program at your home studio, music school, orchestra, or choir.