feldenkrais method classes reduce pain repetitive strain relief

Classes are an economical option.

The Feldenkrais Method® is an education system and not a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. Always consult with your medical doctor to discuss the appropriateness of starting any new program.

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) classes are based on the Feldenkrais Method®, which is a sensory-motor educational system that emphasizes awareness thereby evoking neuroplasticity. ATM lessons are taught to groups in which Susan verbally guides members through a sequence of gentle movements that help reduce pain and stress, and improve range of motion, balance and posture. An atmosphere of playfulness is created, with movements to be done slowly, small, and sometimes in your imagination. There is full permission to make mistakes, and Susan encourages curiosity and sensing through questioning. Usually you will begin by lying on the floor, but some ATM lessons may take place sitting on the floor or in a chair, or standing. After the lesson, you’ll be asked to notice what changes you perceive. Many experience deep relaxation — and lightness. Classes are based on a theme such as posture, balance, breath, and transitions from lying on your back to sitting to standing from the floor. Lessons can be on your back, stomach, side lying, kneeling, standing, or sitting. You will need props such as mats, blankets, and pillows, all in the comfort of your home.

Susan teaches a weekly virtual Feldenkrais® class exploring gentle movements in a supportive, calm environment.