“When we lack skill, we try with willful efforts.” Moshe Feldenkrais
Learning the Art of Skillfulness

“When we lack skill, our tendency is to throw our body around and hope for the best.”  Arlyn Zones

This winter, I’ve had lost of practice with snow shoveling.  I’m petite and with each snowfall, I asked myself, how can I make this task more easier and simpler? The list below are my answers.

How did I become more skillful?
  1. Did Feldenkrais® lessons daily
  2. Listened to my body
  3. Kept my breathe free
  4. Took rests
  5. Used my entire body
  6. Used a smaller shovel for the heavier snow
  7. Paced myself to shovel slowly
  8. Had the attitude to enjoy the snowfall.  This task was giving me my cardio and strength workout for the day.
  9. Accepted help. Thank you to my neighbours and their snowblower when we had an abundant snowfall.

“Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things. ”
Frank A. Clark

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